Exchange rate type

Exchange rate type
  Automated systems classify exchange rates by distinguishing between their purposes. For example, there are spot rates, buy, sell, middle rates, etc. the following are some possible rate types: Today Buying Rate. Today Middle Rate. Today Selling Rate. Tomorrow Buying Rate. Tomorrow Middle Rate. Tomorrow Selling Rate. Spot Buying Rate. Spot Middle Rate. Spot Selling Rate. 1 Week Buying Rate. 1 Week Middle Rate. 1 Week Selling Rate. 2 Week Buying Rate. 2 Week Middle Rate. 2 Week Selling Rate. 1 Month Buying Rate. 1 Month Middle Rate. 1 Month Selling Rate. 2 Month Buying Rate. 2 Month Middle Rate. 2 Month Selling Rate. 3 Month Buying Rate. 3 Month Middle Rate. 3 Month Selling Rate. 6 Month Buying Rate. 6 Month Middle Rate. 6 Month Selling Rate. 1 Year Buying Rate. 1 Year Middle Rate. 1 Year Selling Rate. Longer than 1 Year Buying Rate. Longer than 1 Year Middle Rate. Longer than 1 Year Selling Rate. See also Account model tables.

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